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Calcrete Stud is situated on the farm Bast Plaats in the North West province of South Africa.
This 3200 hectare farm got its name "Bast" from the sheets of limestone found across the farm and "Plaats" which means farm. The name Calcrete is originated by the geological term for limestone.

The old stone kraals found on the eastern side of the farm served as Scotty Smith's horse trading post during the Boer War.

This farm has been in the Butler family for 4 generations and is home to the Calcrete Senepol Cattle Stud and the Calcrete Quarter Horse Stud.
Calcrete Stud, through strict breeding and selection policies, prides itself in breeding top quality Senepol Cattle and American Quarter Horses that conform to their respective breeds’ standard of excellence
and perform as well on the farm and as the show arena.
Therefore the farm is run as an extensive cattle ranch with the Senepol Cattle well suited to the area.

Having the ideal temperament and ease of handling they also assist with the training of the Quarter Horses.

Thank you to all the buyers that supported Calcrete
at the National Senepol Sale.

Lot 22 (picture on the right):
3 in 1 hand selected cow and heifer calf were sold for South African Record Price for Senepols.  – Congratulations to the buyer.